Cloud Accounting

At About Accounting our heads are firmly in the clouds, but do not worry this is a good thing and your business can benefit from this! As you are aware accounting and records management are not only about number crunching and quarterly summaries, with cloud accounting you can access your records from anywhere at any time and all your data is secure. As your accountant we will have access to your cloud so we can get the work completed for you whilst you concentrate on other assignments and you can see what we are doing.

Regardless of your company size cloud accounting can save money and time. There is no need for lugging heavy files around or using valuable office space storing them. Reducing paper usage is good for the environment as well as being a practical Corporate Social Responsibility activity.

These are just some of the benefits of cloud accounting. Call the office 01582 947859 or complete our contact form for a free cloud accounting consultation for your company and join us in the clouds!